Ghost Lights III

I think this will the last bit I will write from this fantasy piece. It has been an interesting experience writing more than one post on the same topic. 

Gary woke up, from a haze like state, looking around. Though it was dark, he was quite sure he was in Pinnerlane park, though for the life of him he could not figure out how he got there. Odd circular patterns were performing dances in front of his eyes. He blinked and squinted the lids a few times, and finally was able to get clarity in his left eye. His right eye took a little persuading, though he thought it best to regain his full sight before figuring out how on earth he got in the park.

The last thing he remembered was turning off his lights and getting to bed, he groaned at the thought of his sleep walking getting this out of control. He felt lucky that his father was not home, knowing it would only make him worry, but thought it would be best to get home before Anastasia returned and had a good excuse to yell at him. He put his hands on the cold bench, and was about to pries himself off when he heard a crunching sound next to him. Gary leapt of the bench and staggered back, falling as he did. He looked around to see an old man in a grey suit sitting there. While he looked harmless enough, Gary was not taking any chances and begun scuttling back like a crab, stopping a foot away from the pond.
“There’s no need to be alarmed, Gary,” The tiny man said smiling down at him. Gary first noticed how well dressed the man was. Even with low lighting, Gary could see that it was most likely an expensive suit. The man had a silver chain protruding on the side, that connected to a pocket watch. He held the watch in one hand, while in the other he held a pack of sugary sesame snaps. A slick long black cane leaned against the bench. On it’s head was a very shiny bright jewel, that looked too large to be real.
“Eight fifty. You are right on time.” He smiled again, as he put the watch back in his pocket. The man had a friendly looking face, and Gary thought he might possibly be from Burma, or some other exotic country, but he really couldn’t be sure.  After all, the circles under his eyes were hollow and dark, like he had not slept for years, and he had hundred of crows feet by the sides of his eyes. When he smiled they all crinkled together.
“You are expecting me?” Gary asked hesitantly. He was still leaning back as far as he could, afraid that the man could at any moment take out a knife.
“I’ve been waiting centuries for you, Gary.” The old man smiled. Gary was not sure if he was joking or not, and instead got to his feet, brushing mud and grass off himself.
“How do you know my name?”
“That’s not the only thing I know about you, Gary.” Gary didn’t like the way he said his name. There was an empty feeling in the way he spoke. There was even a frostiness to the man, he seemed to emit a cold, dread like feeling that kept Gary on edge.
Gary felt like he wanted to leave, but couldn’t bring himself to turn away from the man. He munched happily on another sugary sesame snap as he looked at him. It seemed as though he was waiting for Gary to say something, although Gary was not sure what he was supposed to do.
“What do you want with me?” Gary was ever so wary of the man, who was sitting there and looking at him while he ate happily. He seemed to know so much, and yet said so little.
The man laughed. It was a frightful sounds. “Nothing, for now I am just content in knowing that you are here. However, saying that, ask me that same question again in a years time. I think my answer will change.” He put the empty wrapper in the bin next to the bench and picked up his walking stick. He smiled one last time at Gary before he hobbled away down the path. He saw him walk straight past the Soo’s and Simba. He and Mrs. Soo seemed to exchange pleasantries while Mr. Soo was trying to keep Simba from biting the mans leg off. Gary wondered if he was a neighbor, since he seemed to know the Soo’s. He stood there in a momentary disbelief, wondering if the night could get any stranger.

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