This is another continuation from the last post. It has been very fun writing this piece. The creature comes from India and is written about in many old stories. I have also included Asuras; which are demonic like creatures. 

Low under the roots of a vast scrub land, a shadow detached itself from around a branch of a honey suckle bush. The shrubs lined the edge of a river, which led past an estate. The Trollbridge estate.
The creature tittered in frustration as it waited. It had been given very specific instructions: observe and wait. How long did it need to wait though? It had already spent the past 2 days in hiding, watching and observing, but only to find an old powerless hag in hiding. Nothing substantial to report back.

It wished it could have eaten. Scratching against a large branch it teased itself away from the undergrowth. A large crack resounded in the crisp morning that vibrated around. There were no humans around to hear, although it was sure it would have startled a few.
The thought of human flesh made it salivate. It had been a long while since it had ripped into the rotting carcass to tear at strips of meat. The creature was born in darkness and could survive days on end without eating, but it had animal like qualities that craved more. The past two days it had made do with nearby squirrels and the occasional magpie, but it was essence without substance.

Just as the shadow peered once more over the edge of the bushes, it found itself drawn to the sight of a fox who loitered around the edges of the buildings. It was the very same fox who, for the past few days, loitered around the bushed near him. The creature stared dumbly in its direction, though the shadow was sure it was concealed from its poor sight. He was bemused by its nature, and thought how readily it was serving itself up on a silver platter; waiting to be attacked. There was no mistaking that the silver white creature was the very same that seemed to present itself everywhere he went; as it was the first albino fox he had seen in his hundred years. The shadow thought it looked quite delectable and had for a moment to hold himself back from pouncing and ripping it to shreds.

Holding itself back proved difficult, but it mustered the strength thinking of the tasty hominids that were promised. The Lord of the Asura, himself had promised that humans would be abundant and plentiful once he had his hands on a special item. The shadow was first in line for this new world, where creatures like himself no longer had to shy away.

The creature sighed in frustration. It hated waiting. There was no doubt in mind, it knew how quintessential its job was, and how important it was to follow and observe, but humans were so slow. There way of life was simple minded, and without element, like dry brittle bones.

It rose up from the shrubs as a flurry of them moved out of the buildings and made their way across the bridge. Its full form was now visible to those who possessed the sight to see. An uragas, slithered out from under the bushes. It first appeared to be a young maiden, clad in metallic armour, but the head and torso were the only human features it possessed. The serpentine, lower body of the uraga swayed this way and that, giving it a possessed demonic look. The young maiden suddenly smelling something in the surrounding area revealed a forked tongue which it used to smell the air.

Something was a-miss. It was a smell, that she had recognized from earlier, a particular scent of human that she had disregarded, but now it seemed more potent. What she could smell was not quite human, there was a power lurking just behind the walls of the buildings. She ducked down low, in fear of being noticed. She was, after all, alone and not stupid enough to take on a foe, especially on an empty stomach. Through the rift in the branches she could see a flurry of humans leaving the buildings and making their way across the bridge. A number of them were with their young, while a few walked alone. The uragas tried to pinpoint the smell, but they all seemed to blur into one. She cursed humans, for their overpowering scent made it difficult to catch anything else.

Just as the uragas, sunk frustrated, back into the depths, thinking the scent was gone, she was stirred by the loud voices of two humans who seemed to have strayed from the pack that just left the buildings. The keen eyes of the uragas peered from beneath the gap, and saw a young mother and her child walking over the bridge at a determined pace.
Even from this great distance the creature was able to sense preternatural wards, which surrounded the two of them. They clearly did not wish to be found, but she was not a fool, and could clearly sense a dim aura as they passed by the bushes under which he hid.
“Hurry up, Gary!” The woman had said with an air of impatience.
“Why are we rushing today?” The boy asked, dragging his feet behind him. It was the same boy who had been startled under the bridge, only the day before. The uragas looked at him curiously, it was from him that he could sense the most spiritual aura, and yet he seemed so pathetic and helpless.
“I told you I have lots of errands to run today!”
She watched them until their striding forms disappeared from view.


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