Hello world!

This is my very first blog and I thought I would share a piece of poetry that I wrote. I have recently decided to change careers and follow a dream that I have had since I was a little girl. This poem describes the feelings and emotions that come with this change. I have recently found that writing down my thoughts as poems helps process what is happening.

Why, Oh why,
Can I not say good-bye,
To this hate, To this rage,
My mind feels trapped, Inside this cage,
My body feels tight, Wrapped,
Body- bagged and raped,
I can’t fight this feeling, That I’m insane,
But, how can I be so mad … When I’m to blame,
My goals were so hell-bent,
To not disappoint or shame,
That I walked this path,
So none would criticize my name,
And, yet, as I walk near,
The streets paved with my dreams,
So clear,
I can’t help but give into the fear,
 Of failing …
Of falling from the stars above,
For none can deny my success,
My failure unheard of,
 As others now attempt,
To hold a candle to my name,
Fair game for a battle,
Royal name has already claimed,
 I can’t help but gaze at my crown,
My mind screaming the words:
‘Never back down’,
My heart hoping I get out,
 Of this world,
That has me in doubt,
Punching the clock … pushing numbers,
Of which I care little about,
 Feet dragging behind,
Aimless and cold,
While my humanity, dignity,
Reality is sold,
 To the highest bidder,
Chipping away pieces of my soul,
More precious than gold,
Worth more than we’re told,
 Why, f**king why,
Can I not say good-bye,
To this fear inside,
Which devours me alive …

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