Don’t give up …

A poem about someone in my life who has given up on life … I hope they remember how beautiful it can be… 

I hate the lies,
The disguise you adorn,
Masking the whites of your eyes,

Do you think you can hide?
From me, whom with you would once confide,
From me, on whose shoulder you cried,

Don’t sit there and tell me you tired,
I know you were denied, cut down, despised,
I know the pain that resides,

I too have stared down the barrel of the gun,
Almost pulled the trigger and said: ‘I’m done’,
Watched the blood pour from my veins just for fun,

Darkness was once my refuge, solitude, best-friend too,
But, you’re lying to yourself if you think he’ll help you,
For, the ones who survive him are numbered and far too few,

So don’t tell me you’re happy when you’re not,
Letting happiness be forgot, while your insides rot,
Letting your dreams be lost,

Allowing yourself to be sucked into the void… the black,
Whole parts of your life worth pretty much jack,
Trust me, once you drown there is no way back,

So, Why don’t you give up the lies,
Show me what’s going on inside … behind,
The veil that you hold so high,

Can’t you see I’m here to help you,
I’m no Guardian Angel, but I’m no Devil too,
Giving up is the worst thing you could possibly do …


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