The quiet town of Pinner Lane …


I found this picture while I was browsing on Pinterest. It reminded me a little of a town close to my home called Pinner. The writing below is a piece of fiction inspired by the wonderful town of Pinner and this fantastic photograph.

Carina Nathwani, lived at number 112 Wellbeck Road in the charming little town of Pinner Lane. It was a quaint town that hadn’t really moved on to meet with modern times. Even though they had a few modern restaurants and a kebab shop; the pub had been the same pub in town since before the Great War and the buildings still had original Tudor exteriors. One of the oldest houses,down the road, still had the straw roof that had to be restored every month. Aesthetically, the only thing that had changed over the many years of Pinner Lanes existence were the people. They dressed a little more peculiarly as the years went on and walked with a few too many electronics in their pockets. Carina was one of these individuals who dressed far too peculiarly and carried two phones. One she used to communicate with her parents, the other (which her parents weren’t aware she had) she used to text her friends. If anyone were to walk into the little town of Pinner Lane they would feel they had taken a step back into the past, and this is usually how Carina felt every day walking to her High School. Carina attended Longmore High School which was on the outskirts of Pinner Lane.  It took Carina 25 minutes in total to get from her home to school and so usually she had time in the morning to sleep in. Today, however, she was having no such luck as her mother and father had been particularly noisy today. Her father usually needed to be up at the crack of dawn to drive down to the Airport which was around 40 minutes away from their house. Vijay Nathwani was a security guard and worked for airport security. He was a very large man and Carina’s few friends always found him very intimidating with his skin head, large moustache and beefy arms. Vijay had worked for the airport for the last 25 years and was very set in his ways. He was a kind but slightly boring man who always followed the same routine which involved work, eat, sleep, go to the bathroom. Carina loved her father dearly but he wasn’t a person she could openly discuss things with, more the man whom she made tea for when she got home and who occasionally took her to the café down the road. What made things worse was that her mother was hardly approachable either. A beautiful curvaceous Asian woman, Ayesha Nathwani was a trained beautician and had so many back to back clients that she hardly had time for Carina. Except to maybe criticize the way she dressed or her lack of care towards beauty. “Asian women have been cursed with overgrowing facial hair since the dawn of time, Carina!” her mother often scolded. “Do you like having a mustache that’s bigger than your fathers?” She would sass. Of course Carina did not really have a big mustache and for a young girl she was indeed very pretty with dark ebony locks, beautiful brown skin, and large heavily frames eyelashes. She did have the occasional untamed hairs around her face but it didn’t bother her as much as it bothered her mother. She was a young high school girl still in year 6. That made her 12 years old fresh faced, eager to learn and ready to explore the world. Unfortunately being an only child with two very hard working parents she did not get much time to see anything strange, unusual or interesting. Carina’s only source of any fun was with her best friend, Jason Erisen-Hoo, a large, Korean boy with short black hair and a very high IQ. John had been best friends with Carina since the moment she was pushed into him by a group of bullying girls. He had steadied her and, despite being laughed at himself, defended her from the hordes. Carina liked Jason very much because he bought a sense of excitement to her otherwise very boring life. He was sensible boy and that’s why Vijay and Ayesha approved of their friendship, otherwise it would have been frowned upon for an Asian girl to have a friend who was a boy. What they didn’t know however that Jason had a very rebellious side, he would often steal his mother’s old yellow Nissan Sunny and take it for a spin, with Carina right there beside him for the ride. She was of course acutely aware of the dangers of being in a car with an under-aged driver but there was a wonderful rush. She was sure she would have had more of a rush driving herself but on the one occasion she had tried, she couldn’t bring herself to back out of the driveway before Jason had to drag her out hyperventilating. On the rare occasion Jason would also take her for a walk along the winding river that ran in the gap between the houses. There were many trees around and often you would see older adults there dealing with illegal contraband. They were so used to the kids though they rarely even looked. Once or twice they even offered to sell to the two of them before Carina would hurry off, often to the sound of smokey, raucous laughter. Carinas’ parent knew little of her double life and she presumed they would be quite shocked to hear, but really, these were of course the things one had to do in the sleepy town on Pinner Lane, as apart from the old cinema, there was not really much to occupy yourself with.


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