Hello! I have not written a blog for over 2 weeks as I was visiting my mum’s sister in Kenya. I have had the most incredible time and seen the most wonderful things. This blog is a little different to my others as I am not writing a piece of fiction, but instead speaking from the heart.

My eldest brother suggested I write this blog to document the change that I have recently undergone, so that it may inspire others on the same path.

Let me start by very briefly describing my old life: I was overweight, unhappy, and unproductive. I found solace in food; and mostly the wrong types of food. I was in a relationship, where my partner encouraged me to be at home with him rather than out of the house exploring the world. It was a dark, miserable and depressing time in my life. I isolated myself from family, friends, and became the most selfish and unworthy creature.

Once I broke free of him, I thought that travelling was what would inspire me in life. I moved to the Middle-East to teach, and travel at the same time. It was both enriching and enlightening, but something was still missing.
I continued working under demanding and stressful conditions, and lived for my weekends. I explored parts of the middle east, traveled to nearby countries and enjoyed eating out at different restaurants. Slowly, without my knowledge my health started to deteriorate and eventually I was forced to slow down and re-evaluate my life.

A scare had me searching the internet and research ways to stay healthy, fit and not worry that one day I would be hospitalized by disease. It was through my research I came across such amazing and inspirational videos and blogs from people like: ‘Freelee the Banana Girl’ and Gary Yourofsky.

As I draw close to my one year anniversary being vegan, I can’t help but feel a little proud. I feel so much stronger, confident and determined in life. I find myself more active and drawn to physical activities where before I would have shied away from the world.

It still amazes me how something as simple as a diet can change your entire life. I’m so grateful everyday that darkness entered my life, just so that it could lead me to the light.




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