Tree of enchantment …

Tree (Found on Pinterest)

My old primary school had a willow tree on the field, and I have always felt very drawn to them. I always like to weave willow trees into my stories.The idea for the enchantment came from some research via Google. It is an adaption of a Willow Knot Spell by Ellen Dugan. 

I wrote the piece and this time searched for a picture to attach to my story. The picture is set at night but it is so beautiful that I had to attach it!

A day had passed before Rowena Clay, once again, saw the handsome young stranger she had met on her walk home from the market. Indeed, she had spent most of her time bound to her room, forbidden to leave; where she continued diligently with her studies. Her father, Nathanial Clay, returned from travels on her second day in solitude, and seemed in a fairer mood with his only daughter, so, he allowed her to roam the nearby woods with her pet dog.

She had not been long when twilight fell. In her excitement of leaving the house she had wandered too far from the road or any path; and now from exhaustion she rested upon some soft moss next to a weathered tree stump.
The air was crisp and crowing, and all around in the tall grass and soft moss were tiny fire-flies glowing brightly. As Rowena began to close her eyes she saw them rise above her; like shooting stars, and all night, she dreamt of the handsome man; who had taken her tenderly by the hand, and escorted her home.

When she awoke, the sun was already high in the sky; in fact golden beams of sun filtered through the gaps in the branches. There was a fresh smell of earth and foliage, and her dog, Augustus, who guarded her all night frolicked merrily amongst the bushes. All around she could hear the plashing of water; for all around her there were a number of brooks and springs that meandered off the nearby river.

Rowena made her way down to the water; where she dipped her hand in and began to wash her face. After that, she removed her clothes and waded out into the fresh water; Augustus followed closely at her tail. The lake had been so clear, reflecting each leaf, that had it not been for the wildly excited dog behind her, it would have, appeared painted on its bed.

She stepped closer towards the nearby Willow tree. There was a calm movement where the tendrils of the tree softly rose and fell, like a resting babe. She outstretched her hand, pulling one of the supple branches towards her. She had remembered that as children, herself and her uncle’s daughters had often cast many a spell under the Willow, praying for love. She thought back, trying to recall what the steps were; she smiled, as the memory came rushing back to her. Gazing at the sun she stated her wish, before allowing her hands to tie a small knot in the branch. She gazed up at the sun, without blinking and recited the poem that they had spoke many a time:

‘Under the glorious sun, shining ever so bright,
Willow tree hear my request, and lend me your light,
In this tree, I now leave a knot,
Grant me love, happiness and life without fraught.’

And with that she blew a kiss towards the sun, in hope that she would meet her handsome stranger once more.


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