Strength lies within …

People always think they know what is best for your life. I like to take advise from relatives and friends, but ultimately, no matter what anyone says you have to make the decision for yourself- even if it is a really difficult decision!

Crawling around,
Helpless and cold,
Eyes blindfolded,
Going where I am told,

My feet are sold,
On this darkened path,
“Do as I say!”, They say,
Or feel God’s Wrath …

The light from within,
The innocence of birth,
Begins to slowly dim,
Lost in an age-old curse,

Transformation, Change,
All their words of encouragement,
Seem the same,

I got no strings,
And yet I wish,
God would guide,
Not hide,

Look inside,
Past the garish disguise,
Past the foolish heart,
And the childish eyes,

Please Lord,
Help me realize,
That I should no longer agonize,
Strength lies within …


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