I have found that poetry is a wonderful expression of emotions. I was recently feeling a lot of resentment and anger towards someone, and let my anger out in poetry rather than in words. In fights I always feel very powerless and can’t seem to vocalize what I want to say. It is very frustrating especially if the other person is quick-witted and has a sharp tongue.  Looking back on the words now, it fully makes me appreciate the phrase ‘seeing red’. 

You think I don’t see the snide look in your eyes?
The way you grimace when T’s are not crossed, and dots lack from my I’s,
You act devil’s advocate hiding your true guise,
Claiming you play for both sides,
Yet only your hands hold the dice,

This game has been rigged from the get go,
Forked tongue, dipped in silver, ready to deliver a blow,
If you truly cared, you wouldn’t sink so low,

As to punish for what you believe are my past indiscretions,
Plate up justice so that you can teach me a lesson,
Plant venomous seeds in conversation

…and watch them spawn and spew,
Sitting back, wide eyed while chaos ensues,
The feelings of those who love you being disregarded and misused,
Who are you to pass judgement and decided who is beneath you?

You say you seek knowledge from the primary source,
You accept my studies, and know my worth,

Yet rather than sit down and tap honey straight from the tree,
You quiz, and manipulate…You challenge and contradict me,

My mind is not as fast paced as yours,
The words in my mouth must be thought out and rehearsed,

Rather than listen, discuss, learn and appreciate,
You send me to the gallows and celebrate …


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