Evil Faeries!

Fairy pool (Picture found on Pinterest)

When I first saw this picture I had an image in my mind of cute little faeries dancing around. I thought it would be interesting to write it from another point of view. In the piece I have written these faeries have been trapped in underground catacombs and hate humans (Sapiens). They have captured a human girl whom they believe to be a princess of our world (I was also inspired by ‘Jupiter Ascending’).

Tara struggled against her bonds, trying desperately to wriggle free. Her mouth and eyes had been stapled shut which made crying all the more difficult. She wheezed; her chest heaving up and down, she as felt as though her body was going to pass out even though she could still breathe freely from her nasal passages.

Her face was in searing pain, hot and most likely exacerbated since the struggle outside the convenience store. She felt trickles of blood slip down the sides of her mouth and was more frustrated that she could not even wipe them away. She was sure they must be inside somewhere as there was very little light coming out from the cracks in her eyes; but where they were, she could not say for sure.

Her whole body felt fragile and sore, especially her scalp as they had dragged to wherever she was, kicking and screaming, pulled by the end of her pony tail. She cooled down her skin against the cold hard surface by which she sat. She was sure it felt like rocks similar to ones you would get in a cave; she could even feel trickles of water splashing against her inflamed face. A pulsating pain throbbed along the length of her left arm she could still feel parts of glass bottle protruding from the skins surface.

She had felt herself travelling a great distance being dragged along the floor by a man walking at a slow pace. Surely someone would see her, know that he was carrying a live human in the sack in which she had been thrown? It didn’t matter that her hands were bound and lips forcefully sealed because she did not even have the strength to scream out for help or break out.

“Little princess in a cave, wondering who would be so cruel to enslave,” rhymed a small voice nearby. Tara turned wildly in fear. It was then she felt a pair of eyes on her despite being blind-folded from the world. “Do not fret, frit or worry, it will be over in a hurry. They will soon release your pretty eyes, but it’s at that moment all hope dies.”

Tara hated not being able to reply to or look at the tiny voice sitting near her. She could not even tell if this child- like voice was male or female. There was sweetness to the tones, innocence too delectable to be surrounded by such horror, and yet she was sure there was something malicious by the way the voice phrased its words. The voice kept speaking, softly, slowly about many things, but many of which Tara could not hear. What worried her was that if whoever had taken them heard this person talking they would both be harmed or worse killed. She began to shake her head furiously trying to get the message across.

“Rustling, bustling full of life it seems but, we are too far down for them to hear our screams.” There was darkness to the voice. Tara wondered why the voice kept talking, if it was suffering so much why did they not stop, shut down, shut up?

Tara wished that for the briefest of moments she could open her eyes and see. Just see where she was, see who was talking to her, and see who had taken her. She strained against the staples in her eyes but this caused more pain and blood continued to trickle down the sides of her face. It was then Tara froze as she felt a light cool finger tracing the drip of blood up her skin and wiping it away. Her heart dropped and would not beat. Whatever was next to her was breathing slowly against her skin; panic seeped out of every fiber of her nerve and oozed out of the contours of her skin.

“Why do you complain, Princess?” The same voice said more harshly. “Your pretty little eyes have only been closed for a short while.” Tara felt hands grab her cheeks and squeeze tightly so the staples cut into her upper lip. “You have seen the light, and reveled in her beauty. We were born to the darkness.” She spat while Tara whimpered in fear.

“Enough, Allaria!” a second male voice could be heard. His voice was silky, smooth and untrustworthy. “This is no way to treat a Princess.” Tara could hear a smile in his voice.
“Princess!” Allaria spat again. “Sapiens are nothing but dirty, little monkeys!”
She slapped Tara square across the face.
“Allaria, enough” The man warned softly. He did not raise his voice but Tara could feel her sniveling away.
“Bring her” The man commanded and Tara did not have a moment longer to think about Allaria as she was hoisted to her feet but 2 pairs of strong arms and the sounds of grunts all around. She was once again dragged a great length along the ground. She was sure her feet would drop off but every so often she would be hoisted up again by these two well-built men.

Tara felt drowsy as she forced her eyes to peel open. There was a sharp, intense pain which caused her to cry out in agony. Blood spluttered out from the cracks in her mouth. While they had removed the staples from her eyes her mouth remained locked tight. She could barely see as the lids of her eye had puffed up so much, which wouldn’t have mattered because where ever she was being held it was gloomy with no source of light. Panic, which had never really left, laced Tara’ heart because she was certain of one thing: there was a pretty big chance she would never see daylight again.


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