I found myself staring out the window today, and thought to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing to look out and see something extrodinary!

A light rain splashed against the large glass planes of Greyford School, where Tiana Acer sat yawning during one of her classes. While she was quite aware she should have been learning about finding the product of an unknown equation; but she was sure that there was much more to be gained from counting the rain drops collecting on the window. It was an ordinary day to say the least, a normal every day situation for fifteen year old Tiana. Tiana was not usually so unfocused in her lessons but today seemed so boring and uninteresting to her; although, a majority of her teachers were usually old fuddy duddies with very little life outside school, and strangely, always smelt of cigarettes and coffee. Tiana was none of these things; she was young, athletic and considered very pretty with her dark brown hair and startling silver, grey eyes; a characteristic trait that most of the other children found unusual. As her eye began to droop on this particularly grey morning until a nasal voice on the table beside her caused her to jump and sit up straight and alert. As she refocused her eyes, removing the cloud of white which shadowed her view, she was sure she had seen Rayne Adnan coming down the slopping hill that led to the School. Rayne was a boy from Year 5, who went to the nearby Falmer Beach School, he also happened to be Tiana’s neighbor. The class continued jabbering away as Tiana scanned the fields intently tracing him now moving up a neighboring rampart and disappearing into the trees of the nearby public park. Her mouth fell open as she was quite sure she had seen him sitting on top of a giant, golden bird. Tiana stood up and looked around the classroom wildly to see if anyone else had seen him. “What are you doing?” Jordan opposite her mouthed, a curious expression crossed his face, as Tiana no doubt looked worried and scared. “I thought… No…nothing” Tala said finally sitting down. The conversation between the two girls had ceased and she had noticed that most of her classmates were staring at with disbelief in their face. “So rude!” She had heard a girl from the neighboring table to whisper too loudly to her friend. “How did SHE ever get picked for student council?” She hissed in her direction. Tiana flushed and muttered a quick “sorry” to her teacher. He smiled at her sympathetically and gave her a look as though to say ignore the others. It was the same encouragement he had given her when he said she had started school, 2 months after the other children. Tiana was very well aware that she did not have the makings to be a student council representative, and really Mr. Ahern had only chosen her because he felt sorry for her. He was the only teacher in school whom she had any respect for, even if he did bore her to death. It was other students like Juana and her little gang that couldn’t believe that Tiana of all students was chosen to do this extra work; they constantly belittled her and excluded her in the playground. “No no no, that’s not the correct answer.” The annoying voice of Juana Jones (the whispering girl) sounded through the classroom. “I have already studied this topic with my tutor, the correct answer is 108.” She had begun on one of her usual monologues explaining the correct way to find the product of an equation; which coincidentally was when Tiana really liked to tune out. It would be untrue to say that Tiana did not get on well with her classmates however she did often think about telling them to shove off when they got a little too annoying. Tiana had spent four horrible years dealing with the angst that was middle school and was used to being the social outcast. Tiana really only spoke with one other girl in her class and that was Roma Claret. She was a vivacious girl who loved shopping, Facebook and riding. They were not really friends and were only on speaking terms because their fathers golfed together. Roma sat quietly next to her drinking in every single one of Juana’s words. She was scribbling so furiously on the page of her notebook that Tiana was sure her hand was going to drop off or at least there were to be huge gaping holes left in her notes. Tiana rather thought Roma looked like a demented zombie the way she focused wrote without even thinking about what was going down on the paper. Tiana really did like Roma and did get along with her but truly she found her pompous and a little stuck up. Especially after she had gone to the bathroom after one class and heard Roma talking to Juana and her gang claiming that Tiana was too stupid to be in student council and that she thinks it was some form of silly mistake. She would often look down her nose at Tiana especially in moments like this when everyone was scribbling away furiously and Tiana was staring out the window. It was not as though Tiana chose not to listen; more often than not her attention just wondered and she would find herself thinking of everything under the sun. Tiana sighed and looked out the window again hoping to catch a glimpse of Rayne. She was 99% sure that it was he who she had seen hurtling into the park, but then again it had to be her mind playing tricks on her. She shook her head, attempting to wake herself up. It was silly of her to think that Rayne was anywhere near her school when he himself should be in class. She pulled her notebook close to her and pushed out any thoughts of Rayne Adnan flying on a winged creature.


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