In the forest…

Forest(Picture found on Pinterest)

After finding this beautiful picture I was inspired to write a short (quite gruesome) fantasy piece.

Very little light was able to filter through the thick canopy of trees. There was a dense, humid feeling that Sami found very suffocating. He had been running for days and still he was unable to say where he was. Leaning against a tree, he stopped for a moment to catch his breath. His chest heaved, feeling tight and constricted. The ground around him was spinning, while an acrid taste of acid rose up his throat.
Behind him he heard a strange animal cry. He spun automatically and looked into the dense growth to see nothing but green folliage and dark brown tree trunks.
“LEAVE ME ALONE.” He screamed loudly at the forest, looking around with a wild, manic expression on his face. There was no answer lo, the wind, which caused the leaves to rustle.
Tears were building, and finally, after two days of running he could no longer contain himself. He threw his head back and silently wept. While he was unhurt, his face contorted as though in pain, and his hands balled into fists which he pressed over his eyes.
“Sami,” the sound of a gentle voice carried with the wind.
“NO NO NO!” Sami rashly shook his head in protest, his lips, like his eyes, remained pursed in disbelief and he slumped back hard against the trunk of the tree. A frenzied mantra of ‘you’re not real, you’re not real, you’re not real’ ran through his mind.
“That’s no way to speak to your mother, Sami!” The gentle voice said with a detected hint of sharpness.
“Open your eyes, Sami.” The voice commanded. “Haven’t you missed me?” Sami opened his eyes. Before him stood the figure of a woman, wrapped in a red robe. Her head was clean shaven and she possessed two startling green-eyes, which shone like bright emeralds.
Sami would have spoken, if he could, but his throat choked back tears. His body remained petrified and unmoving, so that all he could do was stare dumbly at the woman who claimed to be his mother.
One slender finger reached out and stroked his cheek. Sami could feel his cheek burn where she had touched him, it swelled slightly as blood from the wound rolled down the side of his face.
“You shouldn’t have run, Sami.” The woman said seriously. “Good boys always stay by their mothers side.” She continued to trace her finger across his face, burning him with her very touch, until finally she rested her finger upon his fast beating heart. It was an intense, stabbing pain, unlike anything he had ever felt.
“Good boys love their mothers very much.” She leaned in closer and kissed him on his bloody cheek. “With all their heart.” It was at this point that Sami let out a final gasp. His last memory was that of his mother ripping into his chest and digging around with her bare hands.


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