My Queen …

Me and my paternal grandmother did not always have the best relationship. Now that she is gone I am trying to come to terms with what happened. I had originally not planned to put up this poem; but, I hoped it would maybe inspire someone to let go of their own hate.

I feel restless, I feel torn,

I should scorn,
The hand you played,
In the life that made …. me,
I should take a moment,
To catch my breath,
And revel in your absence,
Of you, who flirted with death,
Of you, whose Karma,
Caused you to descend,
Even Lord Brahma, aimless,
Couldn’t prevent,
The fall,
From the  top … of greatness,
But instead,
I feel honour to be born,
And bred,
Of the same name, same colour,
The same blood if bled,
Rather, I bow down to thee,
My Queen, My liege,
Through your actions,
I can differentiate me from me,
And understand that without you,

I … would not be,

I should cast away, the bitter,
The resent,
Forgive me Lord … as I repent,
On my sins,
And confess to the neglect,
That she felt at my expense,

I declare … now as I gaze,
Upon your death bed,
This regret is immense,
Hear my prayers,
As I try to make amends,

For how many can say,
That they,
Walked this Earth,
Over 34,310 days,

Thank you my Queen,
For the person you were,
I will no longer question,
What could, should or might
Have been,

Forgive me, my Queen.

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