Abortion son …

It must kill you to recognize,

That before you were born,
Control… of your life,
Was not in the hands of your own,
But, instead in the head,
Of a woman,
Who if bled, would carry
The same skin, the same blood,
The same DNA,
It must haunt you to realize,
That in the eyes of your brothers,
Sister and father,
You were the child that was never meant to grow,
You were the child they were never meant to know,
That all your life you’ve been nothing but a shadow,
A ghost of the life,
That could of been,
The dreams your mother had,
That you had not been in,
 A burden to the brother,
Whose hand,
Stayed the knife,
That should have ended your life,
It must pain you to hear,
That the mother you hold so dear,
Created the demons within you,
From which blossomed your fear,
That not even a wife,
Or 3 children,
That you hold so near,
Could banish from within you,
Abortion son, I say:
Do not dance to the executioners song,
Lay those demons in your mind to rest,
Think of how you have been blessed,
Abortion son,
Walk proud, walk strong,
Because in faiths hands you do belong.

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